What we do


Our goal is to educate and to safeguard at-risk and abused children, to free them from spiritual bondage, ease poverty conditions and equip them to become responsible Christians and future contributing members of society.

We believe every child has value in God’s eyes and has been created in His image. We strongly regard evangelism and discipleship of each child in the Christian faith and strive to incorporate biblical values into their daily lives.
BOLIVIA December 2012
We give thanks to God the Father for His help throughout 2012. Over the past year, more than 500 children were educated with godly and moral principles and values. At a special gathering, children and adults learned a new craft with drawing and painting, children received a Christmas gift, and the families were presented with the Gospel. God bless.
Our CALEB Centers in Uruguay.
The Center in Punta de Rieles under the leadership and management of Rev. Dario Pereira and his wife, Adriana;
And the Center in Aventura under the leadership and management of Javier de Paula and his wife, Viviana.
These centers concentrate on teaching and training, feeding, clothing and ministering to those children who attend, as well as ministering to their parents.
We currently have three CALEB centers in Peru: Grandamales, Cristo Redentor, and Pisco.  The number of children will vary from season to season due to their parents work arrangements and locations.  Besides what they currently do, all centers are striving to make improvements in their facilities, ministry and outreach.  Something as simple as $100 USD per month can help a center accomplish many things such as:
GRANDMALES assists 80-100 children primarily through volunteer workers that are offered some support/help for their service.  This center offers Bible classes in summer, school programs, milk distribution in association with the local Church of God, home visitation, and a feeding program.
CRISTO REDENTOR assists approximately 45 children.  This center offers math, Bible and ethics classes, physical education and activities, home visitation and a feeding program.
PISCO assists 87-100 children and youth.  This area was hard-hit by recent earthquake activity and rebuilding has been tough.  This center offers cooking classes, spiritual retreats and Bible classes, physical education and activities, Christian movies and youth camps, as well as a feeding program.  They wish to branch out and help young people learn technical skills as they improve their facilities.