Who we are





CALEB Centers, an ancillary ministry of CMI, originated with a clear sense of purpose, which became the foundation of its outreach: care of children in need.


The mandate of the Caleb Centers is to follow biblical examples concerning the poor and to communicate the gospel, emphasizing the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ to every child.


We are concerned with the complete development of the child. We recognize that each child needs to experience unconditional love and affirmation in their life in order to understand God’s love for them.


Our goal is to educate and to safeguard at-risk and abused children, to free them from spiritual bondage, ease poverty conditions and equip them to become responsible Christians and future contributing members of society.


We believe every child has value in God’s eyes and has been created in His image. We strongly regard evangelism and discipleship of each child in the Christian faith and strive to incorporate biblical values into their daily lives.




Móron, Buenos Aires
Children at Center: 45
Leadership: Pr. Juan and Sandra Pacheco



Two Centers, Tema
Children: 2,000
Leadership: Pr. Paul & Angie Doe


Gramadales, Lima
Children at Center: 61
Leadership: Pr. German Orrillo

Children at Center: 61
Leadership: Pr. Julio and Sandra Gutierrez



Kolar Gold Fields
Children at Center: 200
Leadership: Pr. Frank Godberg John



Club de la Aventura, Montevideo
Children at Center: 80
Leadership: Pr. Javier and Viviana de Paula

Gane Punta de Rieles, Montevideo
Children at Center: 40
Leadership: Pr. Dario and Adriana Pereira



El Atrio, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leadership: Vilanir Marinho

La Costanera, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leadership: Dario Cartagena

Plan 3000, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leadership: Hugo Peralta